Jalbert not Gilbert or Galbert
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Author:  Aylmer [ Sun Mar 10, 2013 5:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Jalbert not Gilbert or Galbert

In 1852/Sherbrooke (county)/ 438 Stratford township p. 2d, 3a (5) lines 11 and 13-20, the transcriber wrote the surname as Gilbert. If you look at the actual document, the enumerator wrote the surname as Galbert. Both the enumerator and transcriber are incorrect. The correct surname for my paternal great grandfather and great-great grandfather is Jalbert. They also frequently used the dit name Carleton. As for the transcriber's inability to decipher the first name in line 15, it is written as Tharee. This great-uncle was baptized as Thierry, but the spelling used most frequently is Tare. Spelling variations such as Tary and Terry have also been found for him.

Author:  Alain Dawson [ Tue Mar 12, 2013 4:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Jalbert not Gilbert or Galbert

Ref.: 1852 / Canada East / Sherbrooke (county) / 438 Stratford township / p. 2d, 3a, (5)

Lines 11 and 13 to 20 - The surname has been corrected to"Galbert", which is what the enumerator wrote. "Jalbert" has been added as an alternate surname.
Line 5 - the given name has been corrected to "Tharée".

The policy of this site is to transcribe the name as written by the enumerator.

What if I find an error in the original census?
If the error is in the original census document:

- a surname note provides an alternate surname spelling and allows the members of this family to be identified in the result of a search done on this alternate spelling. When entering a surname note, indicate if it applies to the entire family or only to this individual. Also, please include the bibliographical reference to the source that corroborates the surname provided, and if applicable, add an associated note.

You will find much more information on this at Surname Notes

-for a discrepancy in the given name, gender, and/or date of birth - an online or off-line birth record link is the preferred way to annotate the correct information.


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