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Author:  Mark Gallop [ Wed May 12, 2021 6:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: WW I Links Updated

Hi Judy -

Sorry to be slow to respond, but this has been a head-scratcher. Like you, I have tried to link several times but no matter what I did, keep getting the refused-to-connect message. I then found another soldier to link and it was just fine.

I then asked Lindsay to have a look at it. He took it a step further and created the link despite the refused-to-connect message. If you go to James Calbery in 1901 and click on links you will see it there, which at least signals to the researcher that he was a WWI soldier with records available. But if you take it a step further by clicking open-in-new-window, it the full record will appear properly in a new tab.

It is mystifying that this only happens for a select few (thankfully), but it is definitely caused at the LAC end rather than with AG. It is likely that their records are spread across multiple servers and perhaps one on the is encoded, by accident or by design, to disallow records to appear within other websites.

If this happens again, we suggest creating the link anyway, as Lindsay did here.

Thanks and keep well. Mark

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