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Author:  Carly [ Fri Aug 19, 2011 1:49 am ]
Post subject:  My grandfather's link

Hello and thank you for this wonderful site!
I am brand new at genealogy research . I have been researching my paternal grandfather Alfred Wood. He is a WW1 vet reg number 109184. On the 1911 census in Ont Dist. Wentworth Sub dist. Beverey Township Enum. Dist 17 pg 4 line 31. I am interested in who created the link and how they were able to confirm it in light of the fact that he listed his DOB on the 1911 as 1894 and on his attestation papers as 1893? Hope to hear back regarding this and again thank you for all the hard work!! Sure hope I'm not over-stepping any boundaries by registering and posting at the same time


Author:  Alain Dawson [ Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My grandfather's link

Ref.: 1911 / Ontario / Wentworth / 17 Beverley Township / page 4 line 31


Although I am not the one who made the link I made some research to determine the probability that the 1911 census and the WW I records refer to the same individual. Here is what I found:

1911 census:
Alfred Wood - Birth date: Dec 1894; Age 17; Occupation: labourer for Hugh McCormick, a farmer; Born in England; Came to Canada in 1902; Religion: Methodist; Residence: Westover, Beverley Township, Wentworth, Ontario.

WW I - Attestation Paper dated 28 Nov 1914:
Alfred Wood - Reg #: 109184. Born in Easbourne, Sussex, England on 28 Dec 1893, Occupation : Farm Labour; Next of kin: Mrs J. Hunt, NoK Address: Lynden Post office (Lynden, Beverly Township, Wentworth County, Ontario); Religion: Wesleyan (i.e. Methodist).

The year of birth is most likely wrong in the 1911 census because as the census was taken in Jun 1911, the age and birth year do not match. He was either born in 1893 or his age was 16. The enumerator may have ask for his age and wrongly calculated the YOB.
The occupation and religion are the same in both documents. The next of kin residence and his 1911 census residence are close.

I do not see any red flag that would indicate that this is not the same individual.


Author:  Carly [ Tue Aug 23, 2011 5:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My grandfather's link

Thank you Alain,
I'm confident it's my Grandfather in both cases. His birthday is 1894 as also indicated on the 1901 census for Sussex, England. I do thank you though for pointing out that he worked for The McCormicks I had mistakenly attached him to the Riddles. Much obliged. The reason why I posted my query was because I would like to know what prompted the linking of his records. I was hoping that it was someone else with a personal interest in my Grandfather that I could connect with and share info. Thanks again

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