Saguenay county adjudication in 1852.
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Author:  mcmichel [ Tue Jul 07, 2020 3:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Saguenay county adjudication in 1852.


I have done a lot a work to adjudicate the Saguenay district pages, where there is more than 10,000 records to correct, each of them containing at least 3 fields to correct.

The main issue is that about 1000 surnames were transcribed with a dot a the end of the surname and even at the end of some givens. That was the case for the Bouchard, Potvin and some other families.

So far, I adjudicated the whole St-Urbain parish: ... p?sdid=941

I also corrected all the surnames and given with a dot at the end for the whole district of Saguenay.

Then, I'll pursue on the adjudication of the other parishes of the district of Saguenay.

Good luck for the success of that ambitious workload.


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